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Droid vpn settings high speed droid vpn setting

High Speed Droid VPN Setting Latest 2023

The latest high speed droid VPN settings to consider using in 2022.

If you are still failing to connect your droid VPN after using these settings please comment.

These settings are super fast and they apply to almost every country that can support droid VPN.

The latest droid VPN high speed setting are working perfectly in many countries.

However, there are some challenges that people may face while trying to use these settings.

These settings are very easy to configure and they don’t require any technical skill.

But some people may still fail to configure them correctly.

So in this article, we will cover all that you need to follow.

Be sure to follow the steps below in their respective order to avoid confusion.

Don’t configure droid VPN settings as what you think, follow this article instead.

Droid VPN account is always free to everyone but with a limit of 300MB per day.

If you face challenges while configuring the droid VPN settings please comment.

Droid VPN Settings

Droid vpn settings high speed droid vpn setting

Droid VPN settings for free and unlimited internet connection every day.

You can use more than 300MB every day on a free account for free.

Create a Droid VPN Account

First of all, you must have an active Droid VPN account to be able to use the settings below.

If you don’t have a droid VPN account you can create one here to create an account.

Once you’ve got an account we can proceed to droid VPN settings.

Active Your Droid VPN Account

Once successfully signed up for a droid VPN account you may need to activate it.

To activate your Droid VPN account you need to verify the ownership of your signed up email.

This means that you must confirm your account first.

To do that you open your email inbox of the email you’ve used to create an account.

After that you will an email from droid VPN, open it and click the link inside.

Nothing else, you’re done and you can login and activate an additional 100MB.

Setup Your Account

To set up your account you need to open your Droid VPN app, don’t use a modified droid VPN.

Click 3 lines on your upper left hand of the app and click on account.

Now enter your droid VPN username and password then click on the Save button.

Droid VPN TCP and HTTP Settings

Click on the 3 lines on your Droid VPN app and click on settings.

Now click on TCP and HTTP then configure TCP ports as below.

Remote TCP port 443 and local TCP port 1080 and proceed to the next step.

Just below the local TCP port, locate send HTTP headers on TCP and turn it on.

After that go ahead and click on set HTTP headers and set them up as follows:


On extra headers tick user agent, online host and keep alive only.

Now tap the generate button and validate and then save.

VPN Connection Settings

Under the settings section, locate a part that says VPN connection settings.

Once there, you need to tick the first 4 options only and leave the rest turned off.

Go back to your app and sect any free server then click on the start button.

Keep on clicking the start button if the connection is dropping and you can switch the servers.

You should keep on clicking the start button until you are connected.

If you’re sure that the settings above are not working then proceed with the settings below.

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Droid VPN Proxy Settings

Click on the 3 lines in your droid VPN app and click on settings.

Now go to TCP and HTTP and click on proxy settings then click the top button to turn them on.

Leave the second button turned off and tap on the proxy host then put

Save and continue to proxy port, I should be 8080, 3128 or 80, use 1 at a time.

Go to proxy headers settings and on URL/Host enter

On extra headers tick keep alive only then click generate, validate and save.

Go back and click on the start button until you’re connected.

Keep in mind that you can change from TCP to HTTP and you can also change the server.

If you’re still failing to connect using the above droid vpn settings then proceed below.

You don’t need to change anything that you’ve entered above.

Droid vpn settings

Droid VPN Connection Trick

Droid VPN connection trick is very useful if you’re having a hard time connecting.

But you must ensure that you have a strong signal, you don’t need any data to connect.

Turn on airplane mode and clear your droid VPN apk cache and force stop it.

Open Droid VPN apk and turn off the airplane mode.

Once data connection is restored click on the start button while using server 7.

Continue taping the start button until it says HTTPS Connect() failed.

Tap it again and when saying connecting https… Then stop it immediately.

Repeat the process until it starts saying could not open main tcp socket.

This means the trick worked and now you can continue clicking the start button.

It takes from 3 minutes up to 30 minutes depending on your mobile network response time.

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Final Thoughts on Droid VPN Settings

It’s been a pleasure to share the latest droid VPN high speed setting with you.

I hope it’s been so helpful to you and I’m sure you can now connect easily.

If you feel like you’re not doing the right thing then stop immediately, you’re probably doing wrong.

Come back to this post and reread it carefully again.

You can also post a comment below if you’re still not getting it.

Don’t forget to share this useful information with your friends.

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